Accommodation      regulations


Log cabin Liptovec, Liptovská Porúbka

Dear guests. Welcome to chalet Liptovec. In order to enjoy your time in our facility, we have prepared for you following guidelines and instructions that are obligatory for all visitors. By entering the chalet, each visitor has to accept and follow the below rules:

1. Start and end of stay

• The guesthouse can only accommodate a guest who fully checks in and presents to the landlord his/ her ID card, passport or other valid identity document. For the group, the guest list must be submitted with the full name, address, date of birth, ID card, passport or other identity document.

• Accommodation is possible from 15:00 o´clock and check-out at 10:00 o´clock, if not otherwise agreed with the landlord.

• Guests are required the night rest (silent hours) from 22:00 to 06:00 o´clock.

• The owner is not responsible for personal belongings and valuables of guests.

• At each departure the guest is obliged to close the water closures in the building, turn off the cooker and oven, switch off the lights in the room, lock the object and give back a key to the landlord at the end of the stay.

• After the stay, the guests will hand over the object in the condition they took over, taking into account normal dirt and wear. In case of excessive pollution, loss of inventory or damage to the equipment, the landlord reserves the right to charge a fee in accordance with the valid price list (see below for inventory price).

• The legal representative acts on behalf of underage children accommodated. Children under 10 are prohibited leave adults unattended in the interior and exterior of the building. In the event of an accident or others in unforeseen circumstances, the person with whom the child is registered for residence is responsible for the child.

• It is strictly forbidden to receive visitors and their overnight stay without permission in the entire building
the owner of the building.

• Guests agree that during the rental period the owner has the right to enter
building and rooms for the purpose of performing obligations arising from the operation of the building
(necessary repairs and maintenance, emergency situations, etc.). The exterior and interior of the building is maintained and functional, accommodated guests are in their own interest to detect deficiencies or errors and defects notify the building owner immediately.

2. Interior and rooms

• Each damage of the room and its equipment will be charged to the valid price list (see below for inventory price).

• Bed lining and towels are for the whole stay and are not to be changed daily. For the next change during your stay, we charge an extra fee according to the valid price list. (see below for inventory price).

• Internet is provided free of charge to guests in the chalet.

• It is forbidden to move the furniture or carry it out of the chalet.

• Always keep lighted candles and lamps under control to avoid a fire.

3. Handling with fire and smoking

• Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the chalet for safety reasons. For violations of this regulation, the landlord charges a fee according to the valid price list (see below for inventory price).

• Smoking is permitted on the terrace. Guests are asked to throw the butts only in the ashtrays. Guests are asked to be extremely careful when handling with interior fireplace and do not leave the door open.

• Setting up a fire near the chalet is allowed only in the place specified on it, which is fireplace surrounded by rocks. Caution is strictly advised when manipulating fire.

• We ask guests to be extremely careful when handling the indoor fireplace and not to leave the door open.

4. Animals

• Free movement of animals indoors is prohibited.

• It is strictly forbidden for pets to sleep in beds and on the couch!

• Please walk the animals outside the premises, or clean up the excrement after them in the yard!

Gross or repeated violations of these rules may result in early termination of the stay without the right to refund the entire amount for the accommodation!

Thank you for your understanding and we wish you a pleasant stay!
Fam. Kalny

Instructions for using the fireplace

Please follow the rules below when using the fireplace. This fireplace is not a classic fireplace, it is a warm water fireplace and the method of smoking in it is different from the classic one. It is intended for the occasional addition of wood.

  • 1. when heating in the fireplace, the switch on the control panel must ALWAYS be in the AUTO position 
  • 2. Please do not manipulate the other settings on the control panel 
  • 3. The fireplace is built for slow burning, it is not possible to smoke in it with a large fire like in a classic fireplace. It could lead to a rupture of the water exchanger, which is built in above the fireplace insert 
  • 4. The fireplace can be loaded with wood up to 1/3 of the height of the fireplace insert. You have to cook with a small fire. 
  • 5. The vents under the door must be closed. Do not open them, the fireplace regulates the air itself from the exterior. 
  • 6. Monitor the temperature of the water in the reservoir on the control panel. Red diodes. The temperature will slowly drop. With proper heating, the temperature stabilizes between 60-70°C (or 70-80) 
  • 7. The temperature cannot exceed 80-90°C. Above 90°C, the central alarm will be triggered and the drain and overpressure valve will come on, boiling water will spray from the overpressure valve in the technical room. This can lead to total damage to the entire heating circuit. 
  • 8. If the temperature is above 80-90°C, stop smoking immediately (in the event of an alarm, immediately put out the fire), try to let the water drop to a temperature below 80°C.